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Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2018

The dinner wine, always pleasing with fruity nuances on the nose and dry palate play. Nestled between the feet of the Apennines and the Adriatic Coast, these vines yield a wine full of black cherry juice soaked violets, savoury cranberry, sea foam salted crushed herbs and red plum skins sunbaking on stones. Tomato leaf spiced and well structured, this wine is a feistier, less plushy alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon, and a fruitier, less feral option for Syrah lovers. Elevate your next casual night in with our Montepulciano. Enjoy its company with your favorite comfort foods and friends.

Nero 2018

Cassis-lacquered sweetgrass, thyme spiced blackberries,roasted wildflower stems and singed sage. Chalky baked cherries, espresso bean pitted plums, fresh cranberries, carob coated violets, and smokey golden leaf tobacco jam. Cinnamon Basil seasoned red apple skins, muddled herbs with strawberry leaves, and a dulse flake like finish ebbing in an extenuated end.

Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore 2014

Smooth as velvet, Plush like silk. The curvaceous double fermented love child of a Valpolicella bella and beloved Amarone. ‘Re-passed’ over the dried grape pomace of Veneto’s most cherished wine, our Ripasso is complex, full of ripe feisty fruits and punchy preserves. A bouquet of herbs, wild berries, cherries, and violet spiced night orchids results from re-fermenting a classic Corvina blend in a vat with our revered Amarone’s prized pulpy lees. Suavely nuanced, this silky palate seducer is a tastebud coddler. Lush black cherry, pomegranate, and shriveling wild berries. Currants,dried raspberries,red plum preserves, and fragrant fresh tree almonds with blossoms. A superiore plump with character, balanced and well-benefited from its extended aging. De-cork with loved ones while snacking on savory morsels,or as you progress post-meal onto something more sweet.

Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone is a wine traditionally reserved for special occasions. The wine is made using a technique dated to feudal mezzadria and is still Veneto’s most sought after wine today. Appassimento is the method of making wine from slowly pressed partially dried grapes. The fermentation is never rushed and the results are regal. Made for indulging, open only with the time to really sniff sip and savor. Fruits pristinely preserved on a bed of cacao nibs and wild rose petals. Dark Cassis lacquered berries and layers of textural decadence. Notes of chocolate covered raisins, black walnut bitters, and bark. An earthy expression equipped with a brooding boquete, dapper structure, vivacious spirit, and demure restraint. This elegant capturing of the 2012 vintage tastes of tradition and the slow fashioned quality winemaking in the tale of its terroir.